2022 Spring Western Trip (Part 3)

For faster editing, loading and reading I have decided to make each day’s entry a separate new post.

Day 26, 03/25/2022 Friday: We decided last evening to leave the convention today, two days early, instead of tomorrow. I booked us one night at Casino Del Sol RV park again so we can dump our tanks and fill our freshwater tank. I will also fill a six gallon water container so we will have additional water when boondocking out in the desert in Moab. That will give us 67 gallons in the freshwater tank, 12 gallons in the hot water tank and 6 in the container for a total of 85 gallons.

I returned my collapsing flag poll and got it replaced with another one. I had a nice conversation with the store owner about the area. Very nice guy.

Later we walked back over to the vendor exhibits because we still had three $5 Bonus Bucks coupons. Next thing I know Jeri used all three and bought a wig!! I didn’t see that coming… Next to the wig vendor was a lubricant display. The guy working it told me I might as well have a seat in his area while waited on Jeri trying on wigs. We had a nice visit and he gave me a full-sized spray can of the lubricant, a brochure and a promo pen. There were lots of promo pens and playing card decks and coozies all over. I think we got just a couple of pens and three decks of cards, so we didn’t just go down the line grabbing all the free stuff. LOL We also went back and looked at the small Super Bs we looked at yesterday. The guy explained that as he understood it if the part that hangs over the cab does not have a bed it’s a Super B and if it has a bed it is a small Class C. Confused? I am. Rich, can you explain? It was not a Unity, they were both Entegra Quests built with the Mercedes diesel and frame. One had been sold. Most of the RVs on display were larger Class A and Class C rigs. There was a sprinkling of fifth wheels, but none by Keystone that I saw.

It started getting pretty warm. My weather app was showing 92° for Tucson and my truck was showing 95°. We went back and packed up and left the convention and towed the ~25 miles to the Casino Del Sol RV park, arriving around 2:00-2:30 this afternoon. After setting the rig up I dumped all the waste tanks (2 gray and 1 black). The black (toilet stuff) tank did not have a whole lot in it, but then it was only five days worth and it’s a 49 gallon tank. The bathroom gray water didn’t have a whole lot either. The galley tank was maybe half full, if that, so we were doing great. We also still had over a third of our freshwater. Just for reference the two gray tanks are 44 gallons each and the freshwater is 67 gallons.

After the tanks were empty Jeri took a nice shower and when she was ready I dropped her off at the casino, then went back to our Montana and took a nice long shower. No Navy showers this time! I will dump both gray water tanks again in the morning before we leave.

Not long after I was dressed Jeri called for me to pick her up. No big (or small) wins this time. But she had fun. That’s what counts.

She made delicious chicken enchiladas for dinner. There was one left, so we will share it for breakfast.

Enchiladas ready to go into the oven
Baked, dressed and ready to eat

Tomorrow morning we will leave Tucson and head north up to Flagstaff, Monument Valley and Moab for our planned meet up with our son Jimmy and DIL Rachel Sunday for a few days of boondocking in the desert

BTW, the brake repair worked and the brakes are full strength again. Yeay!!!

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This blog follows the RV adventures of Bill, Jeri and our intrepid dogs, Sugar Belle and Faith as we travel around our beautiful Country in our Ford F-350 diesel and Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer.

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