2022 Spring Western Trip (Part 2)

Day 25, 03/24/2022 Thursday: It’s been an interesting few days here at the FMCA 104th RV Convention & RV Show “Sunsets & Saguaros”. I have been really impressed with the organization, coordination and how well this thing is run. Everyone we have met has been super friendly and helpful, no matter how big (or small) their RV is. Our Montana fifth wheel, while a fairly expensive high end trailer is literally surrounded on three sides by huge motorhomes; very expensive Tiffins and similar, yet no snobbishness.

Tuesday was sort of a repeat of Monday, with literally a solid stream of RVs coming in and being lead to their parking spot by the volunteer parking folks. BTW, yesterday an activity tram (golf cart in this case) was transporting Jeri and I to the evening entertainment and we talked to the couple driving it. They had been doing this all day long. I asked if they got any reduction in their convention fee at least and they said, “No, we pay the same as you.” Wow! And these volunteers work their butts off!

Yesterday the many, many exhibitors and vendors opened to us at 1:00 PM, but an outside vendor selling RV flag poles, flags of all kinds, mounts, etc., was open a bit earlier, so we stopped to look around and Jeri talked me into buying a flag pole setup and a couple of flags and a solar light that sits on top and lights up the flag at night. I had been wanting to get a flag setup for some time for those rare times that we spend more than a night or two at the same place and what’s better than Old Glory? So, I bought everything and even added a Air Force “Eagle” mascot flag since the 20’ pole can handle two flags. I borrowed a ladder from one of the big rigs and had the whole thing set up in about 30 minutes.

20’ pole mounted on the rear ladder about 5’ up, so the US Flag is about 25’ in the air
Bill doing the final touches of the flag mount
Night picture (flag on right is on another rig)

After getting the flag thing done Jeri and I went to the Cantina for a beverage and snack. A couple we had never met sat down beside us and we got to talking and discovered we had been to many of the same places and in fact, after the convention they are going to the Zane Grey RB Village where we had just spent three nights. We told them about the little Mexican restaurant we found and they said they would try it for sure. It was also interesting that they had just been to the border at Organ Pipe Cactus National Park and should us pictures of the new big beautiful border wall. I should the a picture of the step-over border fence from when we were there a few years ago. Anyway, it was pretty cool talking with them.

After leaving the Cantina we went to the big motorhome display area and toured through several, including a Tiffin Allegro Bus or two and a Tiffin Phaeton or two. We discovered these were all used, so the sales prices ranged from $150,000 to $700,000. Although used they were absolutely immaculate, looking virtually new except for some somewhat dated interior color schemes, etc. Jeri really did not care for them (thank goodness!!). What she did like were a couple of Mercedes Benz based small class Cs or Super Bs, so I think she has some idea of what she wants if/when we decide to downsize from our much bigger (and much roomier) Montana fifth wheel. Me, while I thought they were kind of cozy, I felt a bit claustrophobic. LOL And the tank sizes are wayyyy smaller than we have now, so that would mean a lot more dumping of the waste tanks (in other words more work for me).

We then went to the Old Pueblo convention center where over a hundred vendors of all types were on display. I was talking to the folks at the MicroAire booth about how much we like the two AC soft start units and the two smart thermostats we have from them and when I turned around Jeri was nowhere to be found. Shortly after there was a PA announcement that it was 5:00 PM and the displays were shut down for the evening, so I went outside and waited for Jeri. And waited. And waited. Finally, about the time I thought she was going to be locked in she came out. Turns out she was getting a massage from one of the vendor’s products. LOL

We went back to the trailer for a quick bite of supper (hotdogs) because the opening ceremonies and evening entertainment was starting at 7:00 PM. We bundled up a bit because the temperature was starting to drop and went to the opening ceremony and entertainment, which was the Southwest Surfers, sort of a Beach Boys tribute band, although they did other music, too. They were pretty good and the Oldies had folks dancing in the aisles. It was fun. We caught a ride from one of the activity tram golf carts back to the trailer and upon getting to the trailer discovered our new 20’ telescoping flag pole had partially Un-telescoped.

Jeri and I waiting for the show to start. Note the red ribbon on the bottom of Jeri’s name tag. It identifies us as first timer convention goers and everyone is extra nice to us.

Today I telescoped the flag pole back up and it stayed up all day until about an hour ago when we were sitting in the trailer and heard/felt this loud thump and discovered the flag pole had un-telescoped again. I had asked them at the flag place today if there is some trick to prevent this and was told that when extending the sections pull hard and twist, so maybe I didn’t do this with enough robustness because it seems that when the temperature goes down the fiberglass must contract just enough to cause the problem. She offered to replace it and told me I could also use electrical tape on the joints.

But on to another project today. Jeri suggested we should get this screening that attaches to one of the awnings to provide additional shade and a bit of wind protection and privacy, so we went to the Shade Pro booth and bought one for our big front awning. Jeri also bought a couple of electric massage devices. We left them at the vendors while we toured all the vendor displays, then picked them up and luckily caught an activity golf cart that took us out to near the trailer. I borrowed the neighbor’s ladder again and attached the upper piece of screening to the awning. It hangs down far enough that the lower section can then be zipped on and off.

Jeri made a bunch of good chili, so we ate a bite and went to the evening entertainment again. This was a trio called CS&M that played all types of music. They were pretty good, but although a lot warmer temperature tonight we did not stay for the whole show.

The new shade screen. This was just trying it out, so we did not stake it down.

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This blog follows the RV adventures of Bill, Jeri and our intrepid dogs, Sugar Belle and Faith as we travel around our beautiful Country in our Ford F-350 diesel and Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer.

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  1. Love reading of your adventures

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    > Bill & Jeri RV Travels posted: ” Day 25, 03/24/2022 Thursday: It’s been an > interesting few days here at the FMCA 104th RV Convention & RV Show > “Sunsets & Saguaros”. I have been really impressed with the organization, > coordination and how well this thing is run. Everyone we have ” >


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