2019 Western Summer Trip

June 18, 2019: T-2 before we head out. I brought the trailer home from storage yesterday to prep it for the trip. This not only includes loading food and clothes, etc., but also testing all systems for functionality, checking tire pressures, checking the wheel lug nut torque and a lot of other stuff.

Yesterday my wife Jeri made a grocery run and we’ve loaded that and started putting cold items into the fridge after it cooled down. And we started stocking the pantry. We decided that we tend to pack too much food (after all there are plenty of grocery stores), so are cutting back on how much food we pack.

I drained, flushed and refilled the freshwater tank yesterday, too. I am also going to replace the flaky 50 amp breaker for the hydraulic pump that runs the leveling Jack’s and two of the slides with a Keystone recommended 80 amp breaker. Getting ready for a major trip is a LOT of work, but so worth the effort and quickly forgotten once we hit the road on another adventure. More later today.

Later today: Wheweee, it’s hot and muggy today in NE Florida and the bit of rain this afternoon doesn’t help!

I have accomplished the following items today.

    Replaced the 50 amp cheapy breaker Keystone put on for the hydraulic pump with a quality 80 amp breaker.
    Used some small screws to better attach some trim in the front walkin closet.
    Hung another of Jeri’s paintings in the hallway. This one is kind of an colorful abstract that she didn’t really like, but I do.
    • Loaded more food and drinks into the pantry and fridge.
      Brought most of our trip clothes out. This is always somewhat difficult when you live in the hot south and are traveling to the upper northern states and the Colorado mountains because we need hot weather and cooler weather clothes.
      Turned on one of the 30 lb propane tanks and tested the stove. 5×5 (any old military comms guys know what this means).

    Well, that’s about all for today I think. It looks like we are about to get a thunderstorm and we are going to our daughter’s for dinner.

    I am looking forward to getting on the road, but still have more maintenance checks on the trailer to do tomorrow.

    More tomorrow.

    Author: Bill & Jeri RV Travels

    This blog follows the RV adventures of Bill, Jeri and our intrepid dogs, Sugar Belle and Faith as we travel around our beautiful Country in our Ford F-350 diesel and Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer.

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