2022 Spring Western Trip (Part 5)

Day 28, 03/27/2022 Sunday: We were on the road this morning around 9:00 again headed up highway 163 to 191 to meet up with Jimmy and Rachel at the Klondike dispersed camping area about 15 miles north of Moab. They had arrived after midnight from Denver and spent the night in a temporary location before moving over to their favorite spot. They kept us informed via text message.

Before sunup view of Monument Valley from our campsite at Goulding’s

We did a fairly leisurely trip north and were somewhat surprised at how unbusy downtown Moab was. Hardly anyone out and about on the streets when usually it is very busy with people everywhere.

We filled up with diesel for $5.09 a gallon on the north side of Moab. Driving past the entrance to Arches National Park we were again amazed that there was no line waiting to get in. Last year when we were here at about the same time the park was parked, with a long line of vehicles lined up even out on the highway waiting their turn to enter. We turned right on BLM 142 and began the long slow tow back to the campsite Jimmy and Rachel were already in. This road is very rough gravel and rock with up and downs, twists and turns. Hauling the Montana back the several miles is a very slow process. Fast speed was about 8 mph!

We saw their campsite and honked our horn. They were out and waving at us. We pulled in and all shared warm, loving hugs. We had not seen them since last year at this time. We decided on the position of our trailer and I put it in position and we set up camp. It was extremely windy and the fine sand and dirt was blowing everywhere!

After a short visit Jimmy and Rachel left to do a trail ride on their ebikes while Jeri and I continued to set up camp.

Our rigs out in the desert dirt

Jeri made “Hoppin’ Johns” for dinner for all of us. I set up my flag. Jeri and I were just starting to eat without them when they got back to camp not long before dark. I have Jimmy the new Esee Izula knife I had hand wrapped with paracord. He loved it. The Izula is a 2 1/2” small knife, but very handy. He loved it! Yeay!!!

Author: Bill & Jeri RV Travels

This blog follows the RV adventures of Bill, Jeri and our intrepid dogs, Sugar Belle and Faith as we travel around our beautiful Country in our Ford F-350 diesel and Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer.

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