2019 Western Summer Trip

June 25, 2019: Before leaving the park we visited the keel boat display. It’s in the water and people can go aboard and check out what it was like for the Lewis & Clark folks. Pretty cool.

We traveled up I-29 to US-12 and went west to Aberdeen, SD and are camped at the Wylie Park campground. This is a multi-use Park and is very nice. The first campsite they gave us was sort of crammed in with a bunch of other campers and had a very large mud hole, so we went back to the office and the person working there moved us to another and much nicer campground with a pull thru. Very nice!

The country side coming north and west is rolling farms, pastures and many small lakes beside US-12. The lakes were carved out by glaciers I was told.

We covered around 330 miles today. We got a pretty late start this morning. During a fill up of diesel fuel at a Flying J I bought 5 gallons of Blue Def and put one 2 1/2 gallon container in the Def tank. Strong quartering headwind up I-29 and we were getting 7.5-8.5 mpg. Good thing diesel is relatively low priced right now. 🙂

Our rear roll down shade is messed up and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to adjust it to work properly. I may just buy a new, better quality one from our blind person at home.

Tomorrow we head north into North Dakota to see the World’s Largest Bison!! Stay tuned.

Author: Bill & Jeri RV Travels

This blog follows the RV adventures of Bill, Jeri and our intrepid dogs, Sugar Belle and Faith as we travel around our beautiful Country in our Ford F-350 diesel and Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer.

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