Our current rig:  2018 F350 4×4 diesel and 2019 Montana 3121RL 20 Anniversary Edition (parked at the entrance to Petrified Forest in New Mexico March 2019

Jeri and I are retired and live in Palm Coast, Florida after spending ten years in Parker, Colorado and twenty years in Lawrenceville, Georgia.



Our intrepid and beloved traveling partner is our dog Sugar Belle, who has been on every trip.  We now have an additional dog, Faith.

Sugar Belle in two countries
Sugar (back) & Faith

When our kids were young we had a pop-up camper and even tent camped some over the years.  In May 2015 we bought our first new trailer, a 2016 Coleman 192RDS that we pulled behind a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi.  We did a lot of trips with this set up, including out west to Colorado, Yellowstone, Montana and other places.  In November of 2015 we traded the Jeep for a 2013 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab Platinum 4×4 with the 3.5 Ecoboost engine and the Max Towing option with 3.73 EL rear end.  The truck only had 16,000 miles on it when we bought it.

Using the F150 provided a MUCH better towing experience and we did another trip from Florida to New Mexico, Texas, etc., putting a total of over 16,000 miles on the Coleman and the only problem we ever had with it was a bad water pump that was covered under warranty.  We added several good modifications to the Coleman, most especially a new mattress right in the middle of a major trip out West.  We decided we liked the RV life, so in April 2016 we traded the little trustworthy Coleman in on a brand new 2016 Keystone Bullet 269RLS.  We have put many good modifications on this trailer and we are continuing to do so.  For example, I just replaced the two 12 volt house batteries with two true deep cycle 6 volt batteries, upping our number of amp hours by 33% or so.

6/18/2018, we have put 30,000 miles on this rig, using a Blue Ox Sway Pro WDH (Weight Distribution Hitch), including multiple trips out West and up to Alaska and back in 2017.  This total setup of truck, trailer and hitch is a great rig.

The Bullet, though an Ultra-Lite, has, for the most part held up pretty well.  We did break the right rear spring hanger on our trip to Alaska when I hit a frost heave a bit too fast.  This also bent the rear axle, but we did not discover that until we noticed unusual tire wear on the right rear tire.  In March of 2018, while returning from a trip to Moab, Utah and several places in Arizona, we were just east of San Antonio when the mono spring on the right rear broke.  We ended up hiring an excellent mobile technician, who took measurements to determine the rear axle was indeed bent and replaced it.  We also had all four springs replaced with a bit stronger multi-leaf springs.  The trailer now rides much better than before.

Much as we love this rig, we have pretty much decided to trade the F150 in for a new F350 diesel and most likely a fifth wheel trailer sometime later this year.

May 22, 2019:  In September 2019 We traded the F150 Ecoboost in on a new 2018 Ford F-350 Lariat 4×4 SRW CC SB with 6.7 liter Turbo Diesel and in October we traded our Bullet in on a new 35′ 2019 Keystone Montana 3121RL fifth wheel.  I installed a 20,000 pound rated B&W Companion Slider fifth wheel hitch in the truck and it works great, although so far we have not had to use the slider portion.  To date we have put about 6,000 miles on the new trailer during several short trips and one 5,000 mile round trip out West in March-April 2019.  We are really liking the new rig.

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